Energy Management for longterm operational efficiency


Energy ManagementEnergy Management

Why consider Energy Management?

It is a matter of pride that most organisations believe they are in good shape. In reality, routine operation often overlooks scope to make improvements and management resources get diverted into other parts of the business.

With growing environmental awareness and ever-increasing pressure to reduce business operating costs, it makes tremendous sense to cut energy consumption.

It is today less easy to pass on energy costs to your customers. Net financial savings contribute directly to your profitability and can be worth many times face value in turnover.

Energy Management is a natural progression from an Energy Audit. Our approach is to work closely with your in-house facilities team to offer strategies and approaches that will lead to significant long-term energy reductions and meaningful savings. Our first such customer has enjoyed 35% cost savings since our appointment in 1999.


Where AEM can Deliver

We have both international and Hong Kong experience in achieving savings in many fields including:-

  • Central and distributed air conditioning
  • Fresh air systems and CO2 sampling to meet EMSD recommendations
  • Infra-red surveys and thermal insulation
  • Heat recovery installations
  • Electrical supply tariff simulation
  • Power factor correction
  • Motors and variable speed drives
  • Industrial process improvements
  • Compressed air plant and distribution
  • Boilers, Steam, combustion analysis
  • Smart control systems
  • Lighting upgrades and lighting controls
  • Staff training and motivation
Is this for us?

AEM invariably finds worthwhile savings to be harvested. Some examples :-

  • Aviation
  • Banking
  • Commercial property
  • Dockyards and ship Repair
  • Education
  • Hotels, Catering, Food Processing
  • Industrial plants
  • Retail
  • Storage and warehousing
  • TV studios
  • Waste management companies

Recently, SWIRE NEWS magazine featuring AEM’s work with HAESL and HAECO, reporting a win-win situation combining cost savings, improved air conditioning control and greater environmental friendliness.

The AEM approach

For best results, AEM’s experience is to provide part-time Energy Manager expertise, integrating into your business, often working closely with clients’ Facilities Management professionals. Often several hundred individual measures unite to make noticeable reductions in monthly utilities costs.

We find that our ongoing approach brings many benefits over traditional one-off Energy Audits:-

  • A complete understanding of your operation.
  • All conditions are assessed, not a Snapshot.
  • Momentum is maintained by frequent contact with your staff. Regular lobbying of decision-makers ensures that initiatives are progressed.
  • Controlled sequencing of improvements starts with short payback measures and progressively introduces more initiatives.
  • Help with designing and project managing any large scale improvements.
  • Ongoing reporting of progress, monitoring and targeting of consumption.
  • Flexible attendance - what really happens in your building overnight or on Sundays?

What will it cost?

As independent professionals, we are committed to delivering you the maximum possible savings for your least possible investment. We charge very equitable fees.

Even if you are lacking capital funding, we will convince you that our methods can produce early savings to plough back into bigger improvements.

Let us discuss how Smart Sequencing can help you reap the whole benefit of your savings.

Our first client in Hong Kong now enjoys accumulating savings of around $2.5M per year over 1999, for measures with an overall payback time of around 1.5 years. The programme became self-funding within a few weeks and has been paid for entirely from savings.