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Working on projects in Hong Kong and across the East Asian region since 2000, AEM has acquired a reputation for problem-solving and enjoys a very high proportion of repeat business. We believe that our client base and the variety of projects undertaken speak for themselves.


Our project experience includes:-
  • Project management services for Meinhardt Consulting Engineers in the construction, commissioning and closeout stages of the HAESL jet engine manufacturing plant, HAECO component overhaul building and main Hong Kong airport hangar. Resolution of power supply, fire services, MVAC, Dangerous Goods licensing and compressed air system problems.
  • As-fitted drawings review, updating and CAD services for HAECO, Base Maintenance facility, Chek Lap Kok.
  • Appointed by Cathay Pacific Airways for the planning and delivery of enhanced efficiency in the Air Cargo Terminal at HK International Airport.
  • Pre-Tender design review and construction-stage Testing and Commissioning Management responsibility for new TVB City, Hong Kong.
  • Low cost thermal insulation scheme for external MVAC components, HAESL.
  • Building Services and overall design, construction and T&C auditing for two Next-Media-Group daily newspaper print works in Taiwan constructed for new national daily newspaper.
  • Operational and maintenance study and energy management services, Apple Daily newspaper print works.
  • Specialist earthing systems design to new Hong Kong Movie City.
  • Ongoing Energy Management services to HAESL and HAECO, Tseung Kwan O and Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong . Savings of 30% achieved in multi-million dollar electricity bills.
  • Motor bearing tribology review, overseas factory test witnessing and project management for re-commissioning of power station cooling system at Hong Kong Electric’s Lamma Island power plant.
  • Energy management and special projects consultancy to Hong Kong United Dockyards, Tsing Yi. Failure analysis of inverter drives at MTL Tsing Yi container terminal. Micro jet engine & solar turbine due diligence review. Evaluation of electrolytic membrane system.
  • Energy audit and water use reduction survey, Hong Kong Sea School, Stanley.
  • Energy improvement study, Swire Sita Island West underground refuse transfer station.
  • Drainage condition survey and remedial works design, HUD administration centre, Tsing Yi.
  • Appointed for energy efficiency review, SAESL jet engine plant, Singapore.
  • Infrared Thermography Services to insurers requirements for HAESL Jet Engine Plant, Hong Kong.
  • Acoustic road surface treatment noise assessment, Conspec Limited, Hong Kong.

Active Energy Management Limited was appointed by Cathay Pacific Airways for the planning and delivery of enhanced efficiency in the recently constructed Air Cargo Terminal at HK International Airport

The project was also integrated with a post-occupancy evaluation of the company's other facilities with the intent to embed relevant 'retrofit' opportunities found elsewhere as 'Day One' features in the new facility as well as including prevailing best practice features.

The project encompassed the following broad steps:

  • Greening Review of Cathay City, Headland Hotel and CNAC/KA House in conjunction with the original project's architect, assessing scope for improvement in both passive building fabric design and all engineering services. Opportunities for enhancing thermal behaviour, lighting, lighting control, BMS and energy reporting, air conditioning (air handling, chiller plant and means of heat rejection), vertical transportation etc. were all assessed, together with reviewing scope for adding solar water heating and PV generation. Process assessment related mainly to training pool energy use as well as in flight simulator hydraulics and air conditioning.
  • Selection of relevant applicable and positive features from HK BEAM and LEED, without 'points scoring' gaming, with attention biased towards items considered capable of making significant meaningful and cost-effective improvement in the context of the functional nature of the building. (For example optimizing chilled water pipe velocity proved much more dollar-effective than 'light tube' daylighting.
  • Preparing design briefing requirements for mainstream architectural and E&M designers, incorporating environmentally and energy efficiency feature objectives, with budget vs impact priority.
  • Reviewing subsequent sketch design, detailed design, tender stage interviews and post-tender contractor submission reviews.
  • Some examples of elements included were:
    • Challenging prevailing statutory obligations for daylighting in the context of large floor-plates, making reference to feedback experience on managing perimeter glare and heat gain in existing facilities.
    • Ensuring lighting circuits were aligned with building facades to allow progressive penetration of daylight linking.
    • Including requirements for highest grade electric motors.
    • Reviewing automated cargo handling to maximise use of gravity material flow and energy recovery motor drives.
    • Provisions for scrap timber gasification (waste to energy) scheme with space allocations and electrical feed-in provisions. Site-specific efficiency assessment of alternative PV solutions.
    • Feed-in provisions and structural provisions for large scale post-construction PV installation.
    • Pioneering adoption of radiant chilled ceiling installation, including large scale pilot trial installation with environmental logging and condensation margin testing.
  • During construction stage, AEM provided enhanced Commissioning Management support to Cathay Pacific, independently validating the correct and optimised set-up of energy consuming plant.
  • Into-service 'tuning' of E&M systems to ensure maximised real life efficiency was being achieved, with support and guidance provided to the ultimate permanent operator of the facility to maintain future performance.

Cathay Pacific
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ProjectsExample Projects


Providing Energy Saving Consultancy to Nexans cables, Shanghai and Tianjin , PRC challenging performance related contract. Major saving opportunities in modified lighting project, cooling systems, ventilation compressed air and air conditioning systems.

Hot Smoke Testing in Kowloon MTR Station

Appointed for hot smoke testing to Hong Kong MTR corporation prestigious Kowloon station retail development. Demanding confines of atrium smoke venting required bespoke temperature sending installation and smoke injection system with a 1500 kW AS4391 test fire.

Asia World Expo

Building envelope testing methodology, energy management services and expert witnessing for chiller performance testing at Asia World Expo, Hong Kong existing new international exhibition venue. Recent saving project include developing optimized Hybrid Tariff Strategy for ice storage cooling systems, saving around HK $80,000 per month.

Providing technical expertise to achieve functionality for starting six 500 kW fire pumps at HAECO’s new Hangar in Hong Kong.


Appointed for M&E services design a major new expansion of HAESL’s jet engine factory in Hong Kong. HAESL - AJV between Rolls Royce PLC, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company and Singapore Aircraft Engineering Company. HAESL selected AEM on the basis of ten years’ association with company in the provision of energy management and energy saving features. HAESL wanted their new building to have energy efficiency form the start.

Progressing improvement in energy efficiency at HAESL’s Tseung Kwan O plant have resulted in 35% cost saving since our appointment in 1999. A policy of continuous improvement and re-investment of savings and favorable payback performance is assisted by 24 hours operations saving despite continuous growth and output.

HSBC, JPMC Prism & Bangalore

2005-2006 marked a changing in direction, with design and site monitoring roles in new data center and office accommodation for banks in Hong Kong , Bangalore and Mumbai. We can now also offer specialized data centre Health Checks. We have stamped our mark also in addressing the reality of under-loaded services in Future proofed facilities. We can capitalized on the fact that in uptime institute compliant N+1 resilient systems, the N plant can be designed for very high part-load efficiency for example using variable speed pumps and chillers for based conventional air cooled chiller plants for standby capacity can produce running cost savings.

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ClientsMajor Clients

  • Balfour Beatty
    Balfour Beatty
  • Cathay Pacific
    Cathay Pacific
  • DHL
  • HAECO Base Maintenance
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club
    Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • Hong Kong Sea School
    Hong Kong Sea School
  • Hong Kong United Dockyards
  • JP Morgan
    JP Morgan
  • Maersk Logistics
  • Meinhardt Consulting Engineers
  • Nexans
  • Next Media Group, HK & Taiwan
    Next Media
  • SAESL, Singapore
  • Swire Sita
  • Television Broadcasts Limited
    Television Broadcasts Limited
  • And many, many more....