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Our experienced engineers have the experience to work effectively in any environment

With our wide range of high-end clients and many years of experience, we conduct ourselves professionally. Whether the lobby of a 5 Star luxury Hotel or a clean room in jet engine factory, you can be certain that AEM Engineers will find and fix your engineering issues.

Detailed reporting and Action Plans

Information is key to monitoring performance. Our detailed reports clearly indicate what is needed with an Action Plan to fix the problems. We aim to ensure this information is practical - all options are costed with realistic and achievable payback figures.

Ongoing Support Options

Some organisations take our reports and implement the findings using in-house resources. Others, where the level of expertise does not exist in-house, use AEM to manage all or part of the implementation actions. This can be for specific projects or can form the basis of a long-term working relationship.

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Engineering services
System Fine Tuning

After systems enter service efficiency will fall over time. Also, systems are often modified without considering the wider effect of localized change. AEM can provide help for re-commission and fine tuning all Electrical and Mechanical equipment to attain best performance of integrated systems. This can combine both day-to day optimisation of settings as well as overall in-use 'summer trial' performance monitoring and adjustment.

Adding Value

AEM brings technical knowledge in resolving problems, advising on on problems and solutions such as Risk Assessment and Condition Surveys and Disaster Recovery Planning.

"Building management is a constantly evolving field. The AEM team has the capability to move with the times"
Phil Healey - Director AEM