Independent Commissioning Authority Consultancy Services for Proposed Renovation for Ho Shun Fook Shopping Centre

AEM was appointed as an Independent Commission Authority (iCxA) for renovation of Ho Shun Fook Shopping Centre.

Technical Feasibility Study of PV System Installation on Covered Walkway

AEM was appointed to the technical study of PV system for EMSD.

Feasibility Study on Enhancing the Efficiency of Photovoltaics for CIC-Zero Carbon Park

AEM was appointed as a professional service provider for the feasibility study on PV system for CIC-ZCP. AEM to study thoroughly the efficiency of the Polycrystalline PC and Building Integrated PV and provide technical suggestions to improve efficiency.

M+ Museum Now Opening!

As the E&M T&C consultant of M+ Museum, we are grateful to join the opening event.

HKJC Racecourse Illuminance Measurement

AEM is appointed to carry out the annual and quarterly illuminance measurement for Happy Valley Racecourse and Shatin Racecourse track in 2021 and 2022.